sutra je subota presents #kaktaubekadva


we love movies and we love our hometown of zagreb as both inspire us everyday to be more creative and better in what we do. it was only appropriate to make one theme of sutra je subota that connects those two which was “kak taubeka dva”. the translation to english of this old croatian phrase is “like two pigeons”🐦🐦. it was widely popularised by one of the best movies shot in zagreb and probably one of the best movies in the history of croatian cinematography “tko pjeva zlo ne misli” by krešo golik. the term also celebrates friendship that is why we were specially pleased to see a large number of our friends join us for this evening that was made even special by the guest appearance of DJ phat phillie, one of zagreb’s oldest and most respected hip hop DJ’s. enjoy the video and photos, for more head on here.